Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beauty hoarding...feels so wrong, but is oh sooo right.

If I find a product that I love and fear will be hard to find in the future, I tend to buy the entire stock and hoard these items like they're canned food and the end of the world is coming...which would explain why I own like TEN unused sticks of coconut-lime deodorant [which I DO still look for in every store I go in, and STILL haven't seen it anywhere, so hah!]

I considered doing this with the sweet bronzer find that I mentioned the other day, because it's a hard to find niche brand and it's only a dollar. So what if I have 27 of them but barely get through 3 in a lifetime?

A while ago, and I'm talking years to a decade here, someone gave me this body spray that smells like a pina colada.

I love beachy suntan lotion scents, but find that a lot of them smell TOO realistic For example, Bobbi Brown Beach, which is amazing but only after the dry down. Initially it smells like bug spray to me.

This spray smells so good that I do that compulsive "smell my arm every five minutes" move whenever I wear it, which I'm sure makes strangers wonder if I have a tick or a drug habit or something, but it smells so amazing that I don't care. Best of all, people used to stop me to tell me how great I smelled. I was obsessed with it.

One day a few years later I popped into a dollar store and came across it. I proceeded to snatch up the inventory, and then promptly forgot about it until the other day, when I smelled something similar on a stranger. I thought about it all day after that, so I searched when i got home and I'm happy to report that I have three bottles left. [I suspect I had more, but my old roommate was a thief and that's a story for another time.]

So I wore it today... and as expected I wanted to eat my arm, and strangers at the mall were giving me odd [scared?] glances. But the cute surfer guy outside of Hollister told me that I "smelled like a summer day"...and that made it totally worth it.


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