Sunday, August 23, 2009

CoverGirl LashBlast Length

CoverGirl is launching a new addition to their cult following LashBlast mascaras: LashBlast Length. This new nylon-enhanced version promises 80% longer lashes and zero flaking.

I was going to wait for this to hit stores in September, but with all the buzz I've been hearing I had to order this pre-sale.

Well, It's here! [and in a quick few days, thanks Amazon!]

I was so excited to try it, I didn't bother to out on makeup or fill in my brows, so excuse my grossness. On to the pics!

Before pic: Bare lashes
After pic: 2x coats of LBL

Then I decided to try it with original LashBlast, to add volume.

I'm THRILLED. Clearly this does what it says it will. Ok, maybe not an 80% increase in length, but more than enough for me. The difference in before and after is amazing, and that's WITHOUT curling, primer, and my meticulous separation technique. I'll post more pics when I have time to really play with it.

Despite my fast, sloppy application, this is my new favorite, and possibly HG. CoverGirl, I'm officially impressed.


1 Responses to "CoverGirl LashBlast Length"
skully1681 said...
August 23, 2009 6:18 PM

I never ever thought that stuff worked.. After looking at your pics I'm convinced. The product is amazing.. Very nice

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