Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DIY beauty.

I was just discussing home beauty remedies with Mimi over at HighEndRearEnd.

She's currently scrubbing herself fabulous with table sugar [the BEST exfoliant ever, IMO.] Just grab a handful and mix with body wash, lotion, whatever, and go to town.

As for me, I prefer to mix with olive oil...which I'm also currently using on my dry cuticles from a manicure gone bad.

I'm also known to use it as a body moisturizer...on my face to plump skin and even out deep condition my hair...even to remove makeup. Crazy right?

In the words of the brilliant Mimi, "Olive oil is a must-have for kitchen and bath. Talk about a hell of an accessory..." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Sugar and olive oil. Now you can spend all of that extra $$$ on one of the fabulous bags I just showed you. You're welcome.


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