Friday, August 14, 2009

Personal incentives.

Does treating yourself to big ticket purchases as a reward for reaching certain goals help you to justify the cost? For example, a new wardrobe for reaching your goal weight, or expensive teeth bleaching after removing the adult braces you didn't want but really, really needed. Does the $150 manicure seem less exorbitant after you've struggled to stop biting and grow out your nails for months?

I have a few of my own, currently. For one, as incentive to LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE, I'll be setting aside a small amount of money per month until my hair grows back. Then as a reward, I get to blow that pot on a ridiculously expensive cut and color with a top manhattan stylist [name withheld for now ;)]. $600 doesn't seem so crazy when you've been a good girl saving and growing your hair out for a year.

I mean, I'll blow $1000 on a handbag without so much as a second thought, but cringe at spending more than $75 on my hair. And my hair is the only thing that I wear every day! How does that even make sense?!

Also on my list: professional brow shaping by Anastasia in exchange for letting my brows grow, and possibly eyelash extensions. I'm dying for these, but I just can't justify the almost $400 price tag, plus $100 fill-ins every few weeks.

I mean, if I really think about it... I've probably already spent that much in new mascaras and fake eyelashes in order to desperately lengthen and thicken my genetically short, straight lashes. But I'm having a hard time finding a trade off for this one.

Although, if the brows are back and fabulous...then the only other makeup I really wear is mascara. Extensions would save me time getting ready, and money spent on lash products...making the service cheaper in comparison.

And there it is. =)


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