Monday, August 24, 2009

Reading... September Elle

1. Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Gorgeous!!! I really don't get why she's such an underdog.

2.Really hating this accordian fold-out Gap jeans ad in every magazine this month. So annoying.

3. Emporio Armani ad: I love these sude boots with zipper detail.

4. Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior: What a beautiful woman.

5. Oooooh, sneaky CoverGirl!

6. LOOOOVE these Di Grisogono drop earrings.

7. Lacroix never disappoints.

8. So I opened all of the fragrance cards when I first went through the issue, and now every time I flip through it I smell some heavenly scent and rush to find it, and am again reminded that it's Jessica Simpson's new one, Fancy Love. UGH, JESSICA SIMPSON. Truthfully surprised because it initially smells like bug spray...who knew the dry down would be AMAZING? Currently brainstorming lies to tell when asked what scent I'm wearing.

9. Fall neon trend: love. Especially anything chartruese...almost bought a shirt that looked totally horrible on me the other day, solely because of it's vibrant hue! [Thankfully, common sense won.]

10. Christian Louboutin suede over the knee boot with mesh cutouts. I die.

11. As much as I'm NOT into Twilight, I respect all of you R-Patz crazies. Hell, i think I had a similar affliction in 1993 with Joey Lawrence, lol. But WHY are we sexualizing Taylor Lautner? Or more importantly, why is the media? HE'S 17! Considering that the franchise is going to be making movies probably through the rest of our lifetimes, can't we wait a year to drool publicly?!

12. Jennifer Aniston's interview and pictorial: Gorgeous. She always takes such beautiful pictures, I can't recall one layout I've seen where she looks anything less than amazing.

13. Fashion Story: Remains of the Day, model Sharan Bala. This Miu Miu dress is to die for.

14. Hmmm.. am I the only one not feeling this Balmain-esque sharp shoulder trend?

15. Missoni head scarf: yay or nay?

16. Another issue profiling Marc Jacobs: another YESSSSSSS.


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