Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reading... September InStyle

1. J-Lo on the cover? Ehh. For some reason, the cover makes me think of Christmas.

2. Really loving the Fall DKNY ads. They've consistently stopped me in my tracks in every September issue so far.

3. Mmm... cute, salt & pepper-haired guy in Tommy ad. Who are you?

*Ooh, found him. Ben Hill for Wilhemina. Yum.

4. Rihanna wearing McQueen booties...with a skull zipper. I need them.

5."Fergie's elaborate choker". Did it last month, and did it better. Old news.

6. Elizabeth Banks for L'oreal: Are you sure? Holy Photoshop. I didn't even know it was her until I checked the notes.

7. Designer Profile: Marc Jacobs for Vuitton. YESSSSSSSSS.

8. Bright wool coats for Fall/Winter. Thumbs up. Cobalt? Saffron? Purple? [*Ed note: throw a ribbon belt around it for a completely different look, as seen here.]

9. TONS of pretty hair accessories, plus DIY tips. jewels, ribbons, spikes, LOVE. Some ideas here.

10. Dashing Diva Gelife manicure...interesting. Replaces traditional laquer with two coats of UV gel, and promises to last up to two weeks. Starting in September, available in new shades: Darkest Burgundy, Deep Red, Taupe Brown, Beige, Hot Pink, and Coral Orange ... along with the original Clear, Cool Pink, and Warm Pink. [ for locations]

11. That Michael Kors scented pen again! is $25 too ridiculous for a pen? The ink is perfumed!

12. Matte nails for Fall. I'll pass, but if that's your thing, don't bother stocking up on a million different shades. Essie's Matte About You turns any shade matte. $10 and your Fall polish wardrobe is done.

15. Reversible, detachable, convertible... Multi-task clothing. More space in your closet, more money in your pocket. Win/win.

Now to tackle Vogue...


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