Friday, August 21, 2009

Reading... September Vogue.

1. Charlize on the cover, pretty. Safe, but pretty.

2. Michael Kors ad. LOVE the bag.

3. K-MART ad in Vogue? Exactly HOW bad are things over there?

4. Tiffany & Co. Key Collection. Keys are back in style? Have they really run out of ideas already?

5. Baby Phat ad. Ohhhh, Baby Phat. Pretty, Chic, Amazing, Stiletto? Really, you couldn't think of another word with a T in it? And Kimora, I do not find you fashionable. And you look bloated in the Fall campaign...even photoshop couldn't hide that. [psst, call Mariah's retoucher.] Maybe you should stop modeling in your own ads...just a thought. Leave the modeling to the, well, models. Your modeling days are over sweetie, the jig is up.

6. Judith Ripka $1000 gift card. Makes that $32,000 cuff so much more affordable.

7. Jimmy Choooooooooo. Tamara Mellon is a genius.

8. Pages advertising The September Issue: 2

9. Pages advertising Fashion's Night Out: 4 [two ads and a two page editorial.]

10. What exactly is Leigh Lezark famous for?

11. Another Kmart ad, this time full page and in color. Yikes.

12. Davidoff cigarettes? I guess Cool Water couldn't pay the bills forever.

13. Showing red and black as trend AGAIN this month, this time with a huge fashion story: the Little Red Riding Hood-themed, Into The Woods. I would once again like to direct your attention to this post.

Ms. Wintour, I'll be awaiting my check...or designer swag. Your choice.


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