Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion's Night Out - NYC.

I heard about Fashion's Night Out WAY before I knew I was going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and it completely slipped my mind that FNO coincided with the first day of shows at Bryant Park. As exhausted as I was, and despite my feet being numb at this point, there was no way I was going to pass on the opportunity to experience some of the fabulousness that the night's participants had promised.

We started out with what was, in retrospect, an overly ambitious schedule of hot spots. I don't know how we thought we'd make them all... wading through the masses took up a a lot of time in itself. We'd planned to hit a few biggies, like Bergdorf's and Barney's, and a couple smaller affairs, like Chanel, Tory, and of course - Marc Jacobs.

In reality, we made it to Bergdorf's and Barney's...and that's it.

Bergdorf's was a bit hectic, MK and Ashley Olsen were in the house, but the 7th floor was at capacity and closed off due to their appearance. We shopped a bit, and then decided to venture to Barney's, hoping we'd have better luck and less chaos. And that's where it got interesting...

As we made our way out, we hit the main floor and were immediately greeted with mobs of people and paparazzi flashbulbs, so of course we had to find out who it was causing the fuss.

Survey says:

VICTORIA BECKHAM!!!! I don't particularly consider myself a Posh fan girl, but my mother really loves her and I HAD to try to catch some shots for her. So I braved the mobs, got stepped on, near trampled to death, and THISCLOSE to a fistfight with a male pap...but my mom was SO excited when I called to tell her... so it was worth it.

After that madness, we finally got out and over to Barney's, which was decidedly more calm. Got to see a couple of designers, spotted the fabulous Simon Doonan- fashionisto extraordinaire, and randomly ran into actress Leelee Sobieski, who came out to support her fiance- menswear designer Adam Kimmel.

(haha, check Doonan's awesome initial cross body!)

I really wish we'd gotten a better shot of Leelee. I'm not a fan, but she's GORGEOUS in person, and like 6'5" in heels.

The scene at Barney's was very chill and classy, and then the storm hit: the Olsen's had arrived.

We spotted them early on, but it seems that in that split second, so did everybody else. All of a sudden they were bombarded, and were quickly ushered to a back room, away from the public. We decided to wait for what we thought would be a short time.... and turned into an hour or more. We stood by and kept being yelled at and pushed back by security for what seemed like hours while we watched the wait staff set up bar and fill drink glasses for the girls who were to be "bartending" aka, handing out already filled glasses and half assed smiling for pics. So not worth it in the end, but by the time we decided we were over waiting, it was too late and were not ALLOWED to leave. That's right, for security reasons, the Olsens were FORCED on us. Lol.

(Sidenote - there were the FUNNIEST group of three or four little MK and Ashley fans, about 11 or 12 years old I'd say, who were just not letting anything come between themselves and their Olsen dreams. They were pushing and yelling at people, climbing store displays, sassing security, and just all around had the attitude of a bunch of 30 year old fashionistas. Hahahaha. They were NOT PLAYING. SO fierce.)

Anyway, because the Olsen's came out so late (scheduled at 9, came out closer to 10), we really didn't have much time left, so we decided to get the car and hightail it to the village to try to catch Tory Burch, the only thing that my friend Jaci had her heart set on (she DIES for Tory!). I'm sad to report that we didn't make it...shop keepers were closing the doors at the exact minute we arrived... and Jaci was understandably bummed.

We also missed Rihanna at Guiseppe Zanotti, SJP and Bette Midler singing with Mr. oscar De La Renta at his store, and MARC JACOBS hanging at his shop and freely walking around Soho with his fiance. GRR.

In the end, the concept was really cool and the energy was great. Here's to hoping that Fashion's Night Out becomes an annual event... and that next year, we'll be better equipped to navigate the evening!


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