Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to survive Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 5 easy steps.

Observations so far:

1. FLATS. Always flats. Wanna be seen/photographed/swooned over? Wear heels. Wanna see the show, report on the clothes, and make it to as many events as possible? FLATS. And I have the muscles aches and knee injury (from falling on my face!) to prove it.

2. Don't forget to eat. No seriously, don't. I got through Days 1 & 2 on a total of maybe 4 cookies, a sandwich, some soup, and two mochas from McCafe booth. Yesterday I was so weak I fell...which led to my knee injury, my coming home sick and missing shows, and later, my Burger King run.

3. If you need to rest, especially you first timers like me, REST. I nearly ran myself ragged by day 3. Muscles in my body that I didn't even know I had hurt, and I found myself crying for no reason yesterday (overtired, I guess). I left early yesterday after Georges Chakra because tired finally trumped my love of the shows. I just couldn't function. Came home, rested, slept in today, eating a power breakfast and hopefully will be at least on my B game for tonights shows.

4. Decide what's important - you can't do it all. I RSVP'd blindly for shows at Milk and the Tents, not even realizing that Milk is WAY downtown and nearly impossible to get back and forth to the way the shows run late. Maybe in the future....but for a newbie like me, this was just WAY too ambitious.

5. Bring as little as necessary. If you don't plan to blog during the shows, leave the laptop at home. If your camera takes crappy pics, use the IMG images. Throw away the bottle of water and get a new one when thirsty...there's a million being given out daily. I actually have a bruise on my shoulder from my heavy bag. Not worth it. All I really need is my pass, id/cc/money, camera and a few other small accessories - maybe an umbrella considering the weather lately. I can tweet from my phone, and I never blog from the shows, too much going on, no time.

So here I am at 11:22 am, getting ready for the LONG day ahead of me. I've got my coffee, water, and power oatmeal...popped two excedrin back and body lol, flat boots are next to me and ready to go, and my bag is decidedly light. 5 more days to go...


2 Responses to "How to survive Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 5 easy steps."
Jaime said...
September 13, 2009 7:08 PM

Good tips- i've never been but would love to go. I think pre-NYFW training is necessary- it's a marathon!

Dani said...
September 13, 2009 11:00 PM

It's not half as bad as i anticipated, believe me. Everybody told me not to stress, I did anyway, and they were right. totally not as big a deal as everyone thinks. people were there in pajamas.

as far as phyical fitness, yes... i think boot camp would be helpful at the very least. its crazy physical exhaustion.

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