Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jill Stuart Spring 2010.

Who/What/Why: Jill Stuart's Spring 2010 Collection.

Location: New York Public Library

Celebs spotted: Nikki Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, Amanda Bynes, Kelly Rowland, TONS of Housewives of the reality show kind (NY, NJ, and ATL alike).

The Collection: Tough Girl Chic obviously geared towards the "It-Girl" collective, complete with hardware detail, mesh fabric and itty-bitty hemlines. Metallics, studs, lace, and cobalt! (love her for this)

Hair: Bob Racine/Phyto [Intentionally messy, loose pull backs, sort of a half up/half down look with a casual roll twist and loose fluttering pieces].

Makeup: Frank B./Makeup Forever [Nude, natural face, with brows as the focal point]

The Takeaway: Jill, you had me at cobalt blue. Being the cobalt freak that I am, I DIED for these looks. Although a ton of it did scream streetwalker chic to me [I guess that's why the housewives were there, lol].


*Thank you to Julie at IHeartHeels, for letting me cover this for her! =)


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