Sunday, September 20, 2009

Malan Breton Spring 2010.

Who/What/Why: Project Runway alum Malan Breton's Spring 2010 Collection, including his debut into menswear.

Location: Metropolitan Pavilion.

Celebs spotted: Nikki Blonsky, Maria Menounos.

The Collection: The designer used silks, neoprene, lace, cotton, and wool to create regal evening wear with a hint of high society. The palette included lavender, gold, poppy, amethyst, sapphire, marigold, red and platinum-- rich hues usually reserved for Fall, but yet somehow totally worked.

Hair: Couldn't find info, so if you have it, let me know. [The hair appeared very simple, side-parted and sleek-- pulled away from the face for women into a ballerina-esque low bun, combed perfectly into place for the men.]

Makeup: Jose Rivera/Sephora Pro [Strong, smokey eyes and flawless skin, finished with peachy-caramel tones on lips and cheeks.]

The Takeaway:As pretty as the women's looks were, I was BLOWN away by the men's suits... a smart move by Breton, and something he should explore deeper. They made me wish I had boyfriend to buy for...or at least someone willing to throw one on and take me out. And despite popular opinion, I ADORE Malan (I think it's the accent and the psuedo-aristocratic demeanor). Bravo, Malan! ( pun intended?)



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