Saturday, September 19, 2009

Max Azria Spring 2010.

Who/What/Why: One of THREE collections Max Azria put together this season (god bless him), Max Azria Collection Spring 2010.

Location: Bryant Park Tents, Tent.

Celebs spotted:Lucy Liu, Kelly Rowland, and Mickey Rourke (!)

The Collection: Asymmetrical, geometric cuts. Lots of silk, crepe, chiffon, gorgeous beading, and metallic cage details. Many pieces were deconstructed and slashed, in order to "reveal the understated beauty of clean lines and sleek sophistication" (as noted in the show's program).

Hair: Bob Racine/Barex [Hair was simple and clean, pulled completely back off of the face.]

Makeup: Lisa Butler/Temptu [TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System, with AIR Pod Highlighter in Champagne to add light underneath the brow bone, around the sides of the eyes, on top of the cheeks, and on the lips with a touch of clear mascara to lift the eyebrows. And that's all folks.]

The Takeaway: I felt like it was safe, but still exciting. The slashing was bold, but nicely balanced by the subtle color palette. Or maybe I wasn't paying too much attention because I was scanning the crowd for Rourke. Maybe. But in all seriousness, and this word has been throw around and trampled to death this season, but it was a very wearable collection, easily taken from runway to street with no edits needed.



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