Saturday, September 26, 2009

The future's so bright...

Rihanna can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes, style wise (even if she did jack Fefe Dobson's look down to the tattoos). I've been adapting her hair styles, following her style cues, and at the very least, rocking her bright red lip.

Ever since I saw these shades on her, I've been dying to find them. And I'm kinda having a bad day, so this couldn't have come at a better time: her badass A-Morir by Kerin.Rose shades are now available for pre-order.

I almost didn't want to share this information, for fear of them selling out before I could grab a pair... but I feel confidant that you guys aren't actually crazy enough to blow $350 on them, like I am.

And, if by chance you ARE-- Pat Field, or A-Morir by Kerin.Rose

PS-- These are pretty fierce too... but will set you back $600.

How much is too much for shades? No, seriously...I'm asking.


2 Responses to "The future's so bright..."
The Sideshow Scrapbook said...
September 28, 2009 6:43 PM

Wow those shades are crazy good.....she does have sweet style...I want nearly all her clothes in my wardrobe.

Laura xxx

Olaitan said...
October 4, 2009 3:45 PM

kindred spirits! como?! lol. i just found the shades on kerin rose's site like a few days before u did this post. wow me some more! yes, the shades are pricey, but the work and uniqueness makes them worth it.

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