Sunday, September 20, 2009

Recap: I survived New York Fashion Week and all I got was this sleep deficit...

...and this ridiculous swag. (This is after I gave half to my mother.)

Oh, and let's not forget my permanent reminder of having barely survived my first season at the tents.

NYFW Highlights:

1. Meeting fellow bloggers-- my sanity this week, who helped me navigate, kept me company, and taught me some pretty neat tricks ;) xoxo, love you girls.

2. Tons of celeb sightings, though by day 3 I was kinda over it. I won't lie, it was pretty badass to see Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke. Kelly Rowland, Amerie, and Estelle will attend the opening of an envelope; the Real Housewives will attend the opening of a trash can. I totally geeked out over spotting Pat Field, and I was one of the first to have a Carine Roitfeld sighting... but sadly missed both La Wintour and Lady Zoe. Heard rumblings about Bryan Greenberg and Gerard Butler, but didn't see either. I can only assume Sean Paul was friends with someone at Rosa Cha. And I still have no clue what Sebastian Bach was doing there.

3. All the freebies-- swag bags, magazines, as many lattes as the bladder could hold, and those LU biscuits - that let's be real-- saved me from low blood sugar-induced fainting spells MORE than once throughout the week.

4. The Hautelook Blogger Lounge, when you could get into it. HL was nice enough to set up a retreat for us lowly bloggers, complete with sustenance, makeup touch ups, and access to Sony Vaio laptops and free Wi-Fi. Word to wise for next season - get while the gettin's good. Word spread so quickly, that later in the week none of us could actually get into the lounge, thanks to overcrowding, prime location, and the awesome generosity of the HL staff. We still love ya, HL. Even if we were repeatedly turned away.

I also picked up some neat tips for next season, learned that stilettos are NOT WORTH IT, no matter HOW fab they are (at least not for us reporters sans car service), and made an oath with myself to save up and just rent a hotel room next time...SO worth it, even if I do live 15 mins outside the tunnel. Commuting is EXHAUSTING.

And with this post, I'm ending my coverage of NYFW. Sayonara Spring 2010 Collections; I'll see your re-imagined selves in February.


2 Responses to "Recap: I survived New York Fashion Week and all I got was this sleep deficit..."
Jaime said...
September 21, 2009 11:19 AM

Nice wrap up- I love freebies! The HL Lounge sounds fun :)

PS: check out the giveaway on my blog!

Houston Living said...
September 21, 2009 6:09 PM

Girl, the swag alone looks worth all the pain!! Although, I do know that when I put on stilettos, I feel sexy for about a minute and then it is as if someone is shooting a nail gun up my heel. That knee looks painful!! :( Thanks for going through hell so we can have great coverage!!

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