Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obsession: Statement Bags

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm bag-obsessed. For some it's shoes, others it's makeup...and while I probably would also be considered obsessed with those as well, bags are on a WHOLE other level. I've been known to go out in ratty sweats and Old Navy flip-flops, carrying a pristine Stam bag on more than one occasion.

Recently, I was in the market for a new addition (Who am I kidding? I'm ALWAYS in the market for a new addition...) I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly, but my criteria was (and usually is) as follows:

1. Black: If I'm going to spend a month's rent on a bag, it's gotta be versatile. Once in a while I may do a neutral, like my beige metallic MJ Quinn. Rarely, I'll consider red, or a berry shade. And I NEVER wear brown, don't even own anything in the shade. So usually, the verdict is: BLACK.

2. Slouchy, worn-in leather: I don't care HOW expensive a bag is. If the leather is shiny, rigid, and crisp, it looks cheap to me. I really hate structured bags, hard finishes, or patent leather ANYTHING.

3. WELL MADE: You'd think this one would be understood, but guess again. I spent a ton of money last year on a Marc by Marc Dr. Q satchel, and from the start it was falling apart at the seams. I don't know if it was just that particular style, or if I got a bum bag. All I know is that in the year I owned it, it spent more time being returned to the company for repairs than it did on my arm. It went back TWICE, for over 6 months in total, and when it came back the second time it STILL was not fully repaired (seams ripping, threads hanging). In the end, I had to just cut my losses and demand a refund. Grr.

4. Popularity ratio: While I do love a statement bag, it has to be one that not everyone is carrying...otherwise, what's the point? I won't even consider a Vuitton these days, and this is also why the Stam eventually went back.

As for the recent bag search? After a month or two of exhaustive research, I narrowed it down to two. Gryson's "Hannah", and CC Skye's "Mimi":

And in the end, research had nothing to do with my final decision. I happened to be out shopping one day, killing some down time, and came across an Andrew Marc "Jet" bag at an INSANE steal.

The bag situation wasn't even on my mind that day, it was just there waiting for me. The only one in the store, and the only Andrew Marc bag in the store for that matter. And I fell in love. Go figure.

Anyway, I digress. XMAS is looming...and it's time again to start looking for a new bag to add to my wish list. I tend to stick with what works, even though I have no idea where to begin. Brands that knock me dead consistently are Treesje, Andrew Marc, and Foley + Corinna. And I still have my eye on those Gryson and CC Skye bags...unless I can finally get my hands on the elusive KmRii Torpedo bag:

Then it's pretty much GAME OVER. That bag is CRAZY good.


2 Responses to "Obsession: Statement Bags"
Rachel said...
October 3, 2009 4:21 PM

I agree with many of your points of criteria, especially "Popularity Factor." I don't like wearing the same thing as everyone else either. I've never heard of KM Rii. That torpedo bag is fabulous.

Mama Fashionista said...
October 3, 2009 5:41 PM

I just did a post about bags on my blog too. As a handbag afficionado, I'd love to get your opinion!

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