Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trends for those who live in the present.

Since Fashion Week, it seems that you can't turn a corner without hearing about the hot trends for Spring 2010. Floral! Embellished! Metallic! It's enough to make an insider's head spin, nevermind the average fashionista. Those not in the industry may be left wondering "Spring?'s October! What do I wear NOW?!"

So for a moment, let's stop living in the future and revisit what's hot now...for those of us who'd like to not worry about bathing suits in December.

1. DRAMA- Vuitton, D&G;, and even Lauren showed extravagant, Dynasty-esque silhouettes for Fall: puffed shoulders, shimmery pastel fabrics, decadent fur. 80's cocktail glamour at it's finest, without looking like you raided Linda Evans' closet.

2. Tough Punk- In keeping with the 80's revival, punk inspired looks where everywhere: studs, spikes, leather. Chanel, Alexander Wang, and YSL all showed tough-chic with sharp lines and hardware details. Motorcycle jackets are huge... I myself bought three.

3. Neon- Neon was everywhere for summer, is everywhere still, and if the runways are any indication....isn't going anywhere soon. Versace, Kors, and Marc Jacobs all used highlight hues in thier collections, in everything from shoes to furs. I'm still not over my Essie Limelight nailpolish.

And if you can find a puffed-sleeve, neon motorcycle jacket, you can kill three birds with one stone. I'M KIDDING! Don't wear that.


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