Monday, October 26, 2009

Wishlist-- A girl CAN dream...

I'm a notorious listmaker. I make lists of things I have to do, things I want to buy, things I'd like to accomplish, books I'd like to name it, I list it.

But my favorite kind of list is my Christmas list, lol. I'm 30 years old, but my parents still ask my brother and me for lists every year, lol. In the past, these lists have included really out there, "PLEASE SANTA!" kinds of things, but into adulthood have shifted to more practical big ticket items (My brother got a carpet steamer the year before last; My father gifted my other brother and his wife with an "expensive" outdoor trash can last Christmas).

So while my lists have been tame as of late (ok, with the occasional It-Bag thrown in), it's fun to really dream once in a while...and just in case one of us hits the lottery this year, here's a list of things that I'd possibly sell my arm to own:

1. Balmain Buckle-Embellished Suede Boots-- $1,605. First saw these on the runway, and I can't get them out of my mind. Didn't help to spot a girl wearing them in H&M; last week, now I want them even MORE.

2. Louis Vuitton Studded Neo-Alma bag-- $4500. Totally worth it for two bags in one...right?

3. By Kilian Back to Black perfume-- Heaven-scent (thanks folks, I'll be here all week...) At $225, I guess the closest I'll get to smelling divine is my Narciso.

(while we're at it, how much would it cost to buy Kilian Hennessy? Mmmmm.)

4. Prada High-Heeled Leather Wellies-- $1,300. Totally practical. I mean, it rains here. Good enough for me.

That was painful. Unless I marry rich, this is probably the closest I'll come to these items.

What's on your lists? Comment and share your fantasy items...and in the meantime, I'll be sitting here, stroking the computer screen.


1 Responses to "Wishlist-- A girl CAN dream..." said...
October 26, 2009 6:08 PM

i love your blog and great wishlist! i posted a fantasy list of my own last week here: The Balmain boots almost made the list but I went with a studded Cavalli pair instead :)

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