Friday, January 1, 2010

As I reflect on the past and look toward the new year...

I just had a totally random childhood memory recall...

Throughout my entire childhood, I attended dance school.


Oh, it gets better.

Tap, ballet, jazz, you name it. In fact, I could probably blame dance school for my obsession with glitter, glam, and theatrical fashion, lol. Is it any surprise that this pic is one of my favorite pics of me ever?

I even remember the recital; this particular costume was for a dance to a hot new song that was all the rage: Madonna's "True Blue". And I just totally aged myself, Ha.

Anyway, I digress. I recall roaming the hallways of Dotti Locker's School of Dance collecting sequins that had fallen off of dance costumes, and stringing them onto safety pins to display, or wear as jewelry. My mom and I had CONTAINERS of them!

Sorta like this (but with sequins):

Accessory-obsessed at an early age! Haha.

I used to love doing this...I would spend hours just crawling on the floor, licking my index finger in order to pick the sequin up off of the floor. Ok, it wasn't the most sanitary thing, but whatever I'm still alive, so get over it. Lol.

Another favorite part of dance school was spray painting out dance shoes for recital! We'd have to buy and bring in shoes, and we'd go out back during class and watch the instructers spray them to match our recital costumes. So simple, but so much fun.

I miss being a kid...

Happy New Year, readers...if you need me, I'll be roaming the halls of Dotti Locker.

Don't ever stop collecting those sequins. ;)


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