Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ok, my Wii holdout is officially OVER.


Atari has announced the official release date for the "Project Runway" video game for Wii as March 2nd (Another birthday present for ME?! First Alice in Wonderland, now this! You shouldn't have!)

The company also elaborated a bit on what PR fans can expect on the virtual runway: In addition to the familiar themed challenges, and the ability to make like a model and strut the runway (on a Wii Balance Board-- super fun!), the game will include the pixelized versions of not only Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, but the top eight contestants from the recently aired season six -- including winner Irina Shabayeva.

In addition to the core reality show competition, the Project Runway videogame for Wii™ will include a variety of fun, family friendly game features inspired by the content from the show. These include:

· an interactive garment studio
· a fashion career mode
· hair and make-up studios
· a Wii Balance Board-compatible catwalk game
· a feature where the player can take part in high-profile fashion shoots and take on the role of a fashion photographer.

Is anyone else batshit-crazy excited for this? I'm not a gamer type, but I may have to change that. Like I needed more ways to waste time!

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