Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trends for Dummies.

With Fashion Week looming, I've been prepping myself for all of the FALL fashion I'll being seeing in FEBRUARY (oh, you crazy fashion industry, you!)

For those outside of the "know", this can be rather ridiculous, and if I'm being honest, overwhelming... "Wait, FALL fashion? It's February? Spring isn't even here yet! What do I wear in the Spring? Hold on, it's still Winter! What do I wear NOW?!? AHHH!!!" I thought I'd revisit the Spring trends from the September runways one last time to help ease the transition.

But-- what exactly does "trend" mean to you? During a season, there are common themes in many of the shows, which then become dubbed a "trend". For example, a bunch of shows used a strong coral lip in the presentations, which tells us that coral is going to be a big beauty trend this Spring. (And if you're me, you may be thinking: "Coral + warm weather = DUH... but that's another story.)

Editors and Journalists like myself pour over these declared trends, and report back to you and what's hot and what's not. But every trend isn't for everybody. Nylon magazine, for example, isn't going to reflect on the same trends as O Magazine will. Trends are relative, and most certainly subjective. Which leads me to the point of this winded post... I saw five major trends this past season that I felt wear pretty much wearable across the board-- trends that could be interpreted in your wardrobe whether you read Elle or Women's Day. I could certainly just post these trends, talk about them, and show you a few ways to wear them... but let's make it fun.

I took five trends and asked a few of my fellow bloggers and editors for their interpretations of them. I sent everyone a item of clothing representing each trend, asked them to create a styling set on Polyvore built around the items, and over the next 5 weeks I'm going to pit them against each other and let YOU vote on who styled it the best. FUN, RIGHT?

I've already gotten the first set back, and they are GOOD. I can't wait for you to see them! I hope you enjoy them, and more importantly, I hope it gives you perspective on how one item can give you a million looks and possibilites. Have fun!


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