Friday, January 8, 2010

Turquoise Eye Tutorial.

What can I say? I was inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year pick, so I decided to do a really quick tutorial of my favorite turquoise eye look.

This used to be my go-to eye when I worked for MAC, because's super easy, and 2. it's so vibrant and looked amazing against the all black dress code and my dark hair.

Here's how to get it: (a little pic heavy)

Here's what you'll need:

1. MAC shadows in Shimmermoss, Freshwater, Plumage, and Carbon.
2. MAC Pigment in Vanilla for H/L(if you want to play up the green, use e/s in Ricepaper instead).
3. Primer (I used UD Primer Potion).
4. Black liner (I used MAC Feline).
5. Mascara.

The brushes I used are all MAC: 219 (pictured), 252 (pictured), 224, 242, 212... with the exception of an old Skinmarket angle crease that I LOVE. Any firm, angled crease brush will do, or you can use the pencil brush (219).

*Note: I always do my eyes prior to my other makeup, because the shadow fallout is ridiculous. Saves time on cleanup.

1. After applying primer on lid (lid to brow), use the 224 brush to apply Freshwater on the outer portion of lid and into the crease. Use the 219 pencil to apply Freshwater to the outer half of the lower lid, close to the lashline, and bring it up into the top lid. (I sometimes cheat and use a credit card to get a clean angle, if that helps.)

2. Wipe brush and use same to apply Shimmermoss to the inner portion of lid, again into the crease. Then use the 219 pencil to apply Shimmermoss to the inner half of the lower lid, close to the lashline, connecting at the tear duct.

*It's ok if they mix, or if you pull some into the other because you're going to blend it all together anyway.

3. Use an angled shader or the pencil brush to apply Plumage in the crease. Then use the 224 to lightly blend the three shades. At this point, your eye should look similar to above.

4. I like a lot depth, so went back with the 219 and added Carbon to the outermost crease, or the "V".

*At this point, I'm kinda eyeballing it... taking a step back and going back in with whatever color I feel needs more intensity. You can keep packing the color on, but don't blend each time. Wait until it's the depth you want, or you run the risk of over-bending and making a muddy mess.

5. This is a minor step, but I figure I'd show you anyway. After cleaning up the shadow fallout (I used a MAC wipe, you can also use a bit of Fast Response on a sponge), I added black liner to waterline, top and bottom.

6. I used the 212 (flat liner) to line the top lid with carbon eyeshadow. it's pretty foolproof, the brush does most of the work for you. I extended it out a bit and then lightly blended so it line wasn't as harsh.

7. Almost done! Time for highlight. I used vanilla pigment, but like I mentioned earlier, you can use whatever highlight you love. I sometimes use Pink Opal pigment if I want to play up the blue more, or Ricepaper e/s to bring out the green. I usually place the H/L with a 242, and then blend it into the crease with the 224.

Next- curl lashes, add mascara, and you're done!


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