Friday, May 14, 2010

Rastafarian: Trend or Dread?

by Lauren Quintana

Said he was a Buffalo Soldier, straight outta Bloomingdale's.

Leather, Lace and Rastafarian. An eclectic mix of recent trends which appeal to nearly everyone.

The Rastafarian trend has been made popular numerous times through strong supporters of the Rastafarian culture and those on their bandwagon. Supporters include Bob Marley, Gwen Stefani and Peter Tosh. Your Aunt Trudi probably got into it after wearing her "Jamaican me Crazy!" shirt she always wears. That Aunt Trudi, what a pistol.

Although Christian Louboutin, Dior, Roxy and many other designers have married their creative demons with SHABBA, others are calling it a "Fashion dread" rather than trend.

People such as Cedella Marley. Name sound familiar? DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

Bob Marley's daughter is none too pleased with the current Rasta trend. Well excusssse us, Ms. Thang.

We get people jeopardizing the importance of your culture. The value of Malcom X became trivial when he became a fashion statement, same goes for the crucifix.

Really? Or are we blindly blaming things on the fashion world-yet AGAIN.

Let's start with this: Cedella Marley has her own line of clothing out, Catch a Fire, which incorporates the Rastafarian culture and images of her late father on nearly everything in this designers inventory.

Who's disregarding whose culture? Let's not play the fool. So, a young sorority girl is in a Rastafarian print Roxy bikini, how does this damage the backbone of your culture any more than you monetizing on your late father?

When people don't "get" something, you teach them, we don't pish-posh and make assumptions. Ms. Marley suggests that designers are unaware of the meaning behind the culture, that they are unaware of the significance of the Red (blood), Green (Earth) and gold (the sun)

Is this fact, or we assuming? Are other cultures embracing one and other such a horrible thing, be it in spirit or fashion?

Eh, who cares. Who's coming over for some wacky terbacky?


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