Thursday, June 10, 2010

Erica Weiner = love

Erica Weiner is a girl after my own heart. She also did that pen nib necklace I posted before.

This time she's hitting me in the inner fortune teller with this brass wax seal ring. The hand-cast brass ring was modified from a 19th-century wax seal discovered in an antique shop in Glasgow, Scotland. The text, "MAY IT WATCH O'ER YOU", reads backwards in mirror-image; when pressed into hot wax a relief image is imprinted legibly. A 1.5mm pink-tinged ruby is set into the center of the eye motif. When Erica added a ring base to the original stamp, she left as much rustic detail as possible intact to reference it's history as a well-loved utilitarian object.


Erica Weiner Watch O'er You Ring, $80


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