Monday, June 14, 2010

Not in My Backyard

Follow my heart and you will find it leads directly to kicking the ass of sex trafficking. In our own backyard, girls as young as ten are either kidnapped or lured away with the promise of a better life only to instead be raped, beaten and held hostage by the person who has promised to love and care for them.

The gift of love and money come with a price: prostitution. Sex trafficking. Human trafficking. Slavery.

Call it what you want...except a chosen path. Turning a blind eye to our own girls yet opening our hearts to the victims of trafficking in other countries is shameful and unreal, however it happens DAILY. We're arresting and criminalizing Kesha from the Bronx for being a victim, while lending our hearts and sympathies to a young girl in Russia.

A Girl Like Me from Shoe Revolt on Vimeo.

I have worked with GEMS and stop modern day slavery in the fight against our pimp culture. While researching other charities for this cause I came across Shoe Revolt and instantly became filled with joy. Shoes and my favorite cause!

The store does not officially open online until August 1, but if this were a brick and mortar store I would be in line like a crazed Star Wars...Trek, whatever, fan ten minutes ago
Here's the plan: YOU send in your current, on trend shoes in excellent condition to Shoe Revolt/ UPS, 11712 Jefferson Ave. Ste. C #432, Newport News, VA 23606-4406.

Please don't send over your funky LA Gears from '91. We're trying to save lives here!

Once the store opens, the donated shoes will be listed for sale, and all profits will go towards helping victims of human trafficking-- through building support housing, rescue shelters, and creating educational scholarships.

Recently Sarah Jessica Parker donated some of her shoes to the cause. You've wanted to be SJP for how long? Keep following her footsteps!

ferOHHHsh wishes Shoe Revolt nothing but the best, ridiculous amounts of gorgeous shoes and sales through the roof.

We'll be here to handle anyone who sends you those beat up LA Gears.


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