Appreciation event invitations

Show gratitude to employees, clients, and donors with customizable appreciation invitation templates. Make and send in minutes—RSVP tracking is always included.

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Gratitude is about more than being thankful. It’s about showing your thanks to those you care about and who have cared for you. An appreciation event is a perfect way to show your thanks. Spread some good vibrations with a party! Better yet, make party planning simple with our appreciation event invitations!

Client appreciation event invitations

Our client appreciation event invitations are the best way to show your gratitude to your customers. Let them know you appreciate their business with a customer appreciation party. Good food, free drinks, and great company are all stellar ways to show you value them. Give back in exchange for all you get from your clients.

Our appreciation event invitations are a glamorous and simple way to invite your nearest and dearest customers and colleagues. Choose the design that best suits your business—whether you prefer glamorous gold , simple typography , or a splash of color .

Employee appreciation event invitations

Where would any business be without the people who keep the lights on? Go above and beyond for the people who do the same for you every day and host an employee appreciation event.

We recommend hosting on a Thursday or Friday, just before or after the work day ends. Be sure to offer food, drinks, and some good company. Our appreciation event invites not only make it easy to keep track of your guest list but add a touch of thoughtfulness to your event that sets the right tone for an evening of gratitude.

Donor appreciation event invitations

There’s no better way to thank the donors who support your cause than with a donor appreciation event. Donor appreciation events can help to improve donor retention and provide continuing opportunities to market your organization and appeal to new potential donors. It’s important to give thanks to your donors and celebrate their generosity.

Send our online donor appreciation event invitations 6 to 8 weeks before your big event to ensure guests have enough time in their busy schedules. Our customizable invites are perfect for every type of party—from grand galas to casual cocktail hours . Keep track of our guest list with our RSVP tracker and guest messaging so you can stay focused on your bigger goals.

Volunteer appreciation event invitations

Managing to find time for work, exercise, and your multi-step skincare routine is already hard enough—which is why it’s so incredible that people find time to volunteer! Whether you’re celebrating a big event or the everyday help of your volunteers, hosting a volunteer appreciation event is the perfect way to say thanks to volunteers for donating their time and talent to your organization.

Our online appreciation event invitations make it easy to invite guests from far and wide. Whether you’re hosting something in person or online, our invitations are the perfect way to set the tone for a fun event.

Show your thanks with our appreciation event invitations

If actions speak louder than words, hosting an appreciation event is the perfect way to show your thanks. Whether you’re celebrating your clients, customers, volunteers, or donors, you’ll find the perfect appreciation event invitation for you.