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Celebrate your teen's Sweet 16 with creative online invitations and templates you can customize in minutes. Add photos, track RSVPs, and send your way—via email, text message, or shareable link.

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A sweet 16 celebration is about coming of age and moving into adulthood, aka a Big Deal. Some prefer to mark the occasion with larger than life jamboree, while others prefer an intimate soiree with close friends and family. Whatever your preference, having unique milestone birthday invitations can help mark the occasion.

While teenagers as distinct people/personalities and how they like to celebrate may vary, one thing’s for sure: for a sweet 16, you’ll need to send out sweet 16 invitations. Well, you have options! You can usher in the big day with a classic Card invitation or send an animated Flyer, the latter which gives you up to 50 email invites for free. Both Cards and Flyers offer free and premium styles, and between the wide variety of options and customizability of each design, the sky is your creative limit! Did we mention that we don’t have ads anywhere on our site or app?

Virtual sweet 16 invitations

For some party people, it helps to think about what the party will look like and match that to their sweet 16 invitations. For example, if you’re piling a bunch of your besties into a stretch limousine and going out dancing, you might want to go for a Card featuring a limo or a Flyer with shimmering animated dancers. Maybe you’re having a themed sleepover and you go with a “sixteen candles” invitation or a movie night design. For the singers among us, perhaps having a karaoke party is in the cards and, be assured, we’ve got designs for that too. It’s also totally okay if you don’t know every single detail yet; there are plenty of festive Card and Flyer options to choose from that have cheery themes, like floral arrangements, confetti, or balloons. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s wrapped candy and delectable cake designs. Since there is an “I” in birthday, why not include a photo or animation of yourself? You can choose from the many photo Card designs, or upload your unique media to a Flyer design. We frequently update and add new designs all the time, so chances are high that you’ll find something that fits with your fabulous plans. If you’re drawing a blank, peruse our blog for imaginative party ideas.

How to make sweet 16 invitations

Once you have an idea of what you want to do for the celebration and invitation, go ahead and get started. You can kick things off by browsing Card and Flyer templates, on the Paperless Post website or our mobile app, for your sweet 16. When you find a design for sweet 16 invitations that you like, hit Customize and begin personalizing the design. There are lots of ways to do this! You can use the design tool to play with the color palette. You can rewrite the template (we don’t mond at all) and also adjust the font, type size and spacing of the lettering. For Cards, you can pick out matching envelope liners, backdrops, and stamps to give the invitations extra shine. For Flyers, you have the option of picking from a bunch of different page styles per design, which give the invitation distinct moods and aesthetics. If you’re having a virtual party, be sure to include video links and any joining instructions.

Custom sweet 16 invitations

If you’re feeling stuck with picking an invitation template or figuring out how to design it, we’re here to help. Our Personal Design Services team can bring your theme to life by creating original designs inspired by a photo, the party venue, the color arrangement of your party, and more. Do you have a favorite movie or dessert? A favorite book or song? Maybe a favorite mythical castle for you up-and-coming kings and queens? If you’d like the help, go ahead and contact a specialist and enjoy complimentary custom design services for both Cards and Flyers.

After you’ve designed and sent out your sweet 16 invitations, we’re still here for you. Included with your Card or Flyer is easy RSVP tracking and guest reminder messaging. These help keep everyone on schedule and allows you as the host to plan logistics with the guests (e.g. what to wear, what to bring, etc). Come see us (you know, virtually) when the whole thing’s done and we’ll help you out with sending thoughtful thank you notes . Until then, have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! 16! Almost adult AF!